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NEW!! Rotten Leonard's Plasma Tracer
Now, you can reproduce parts quickly and accurately.  A plasma tracer will save tons of time by allowing you to make patterns out of almost any material, then cut a finished part from steel or aluminum.  If you ever need to make more than just one part this is the tool for you.
The stand is for display only, tool mounts to a 2" OD steel tube that can be purchased at your local steel supplier to save shipping cost. Included parts are painted blue.
RottenLeonard's Plasma Tracer, save time and buy your Plasma Tracer complete! $225 + $45.00 shipping
Rottenleonard's Plasma Tracer Kit
Includes all cnc'd bracketry, machined bearing cups, bearings, torch pivot tube, pattern holder brackets, and detailed blueprints with instructions. Save money and build your own plasma tracing machine! $95.00 + 12.00 shipping

Here is an actual user testimonial. I purchased the Plasma Tracer from Rottenleonard and it is one of the most useful tools in my shop. Very easy to setup and worth it's weight in gold for making precise parts. Of course your parts will only as good as your pattern but if you take the time to make an accurate pattern, you will be pleased. Quoted from the comments section on YouTube.