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New Hallock Style Windshield Frames for 30-31 Model A Roadsters!
Notice how nicely the side pillars tie into the body line. 
The Original windshield mounts will need to be trimmed and gusseted for mounting.
Here is how they will arrive to you, as bare castings with the cowl mounting holes drilled and Heli-coils installed for 5/16 nct mounting hardware. As cowls will definitely vary from one to another some fitting will be required. This can be accomplished in several ways including reworking of the sheet metal, tig welding on aluminum filler material, sanding away material, and the frames have been cast using 356 Alloy which allows them to be bent some without breaking. This material will need to be used with 4043 filler rod. The two frames can be joint in a couple ways determined by what you are comfortable with, you can V-out the joint and simply weld together the two halves, or you can file fit them together to the finest seam you can and then pin the two halves together threw the windshield groove. Both methods have some advantages, welding provides a tight seam and fitting doesn't need to be as precise, but when polished the weld will sometimes take on a slightly different shine than the cast base material. Pinning them eliminates this but takes some precise fitting. The frames as shown in the above two pictures cost $695(we cannot figure out why others believe they need $1100+ for similar items, it just isn't that complicated)
We Also Have glass kit available, these are water-jetted from 1/4" glass and have a slight green tint. The Glass kits cost an additional $149 or can be ordered separately for the same price.
Windshield Order Options
The Mounting kit includes two 1/4" Stainless steel oval head machine screws and a combination Drill & Countersink bit for mounting the ends of the windshield frame.